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3D series of ERP software solutions
1)News Title |Free search for any of the Traders or Service Providers2)News Title | We Have Comple 1)News Details|Hitech and its associates have launched a unique and unparallel product for the use of online shoppers and all types of Vendors & Service Providers so that the Shopper can view any of the dealer dealing in any of the comodity required by the shopper in his area, nearby places and main dealers and can view directly the inventory and the price of the particularly item dealt by the specific Vendor or Service Provider.2)News Details |Complete web based ERP software solution having integrated Multi Users, Multi Status SCM, CRM, Inventory, Warehouse, Book Keeping, HR & Payroll, MIS, Tax Reports & Returns, Office Management & Document Management Systems. It has all the features of best available Software Solutions in the World at hardly 25% of their cost.